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Пройдите тест на определение уровня знания английского языка и получите скидку на обучение!
1. Complete the sentences:
A) This __ Mike.
B) These __ photos.
C) __ it a computer?
D) __ you married?
E) We __ not from France.
2. Complete the sentences:
A) We __ speak English very well now.
B) He __ in the cinema last week.
C) She __ speak German. She speaks only English.
D) __ they in the park yesterday?
3. Complete the questions:
A) __ old are you?
B) __ is your office?
C) __ you like hot chocolate?
D) __ he go to work last Saturday?
E) __ are your English classes?
F) __ wants to play football with me?
4. Complete the sentences with:
A) I do not work __ the weekend.
B) She is studying __ her friend.
C) They came here __ train.
D) We are flying __ London next week.
E) __ Mondays I get up very early.
5. Choose the correct word:
A) I have never __ to Egypt.
B) We are going __ a new computer.
C) I would __ to visit my friends.
D) I did not __ to the cinema last week.
6. Complete the sentences:
A) I think you __ visit your friend. You haven’t seen him for ages.
B) She __ get up at 7 o’clock every day.
C) You __ cross the street here.
D) I __ write a lot of essays when I was at school.
E) I don’t __ go to work tomorrow. It’s my day off.
7. Choose the correct word:
A) This book was __.
B) English is __ in many countries all over the world.
C) I will go to the park as soon as it stops to __.
D) We __ go for a walk, but I’ m not sure yet.
E) I promise I __ do my homework tomorrow.
8. Choose the correct word:
A) When I came to the station the train __.
B) – Why are you so red? – I __.
C) – What’s she like? – She __.
E) If I had a lot of money, I __ a big house.
F) The lights are off. They __ be at home now.
G) He told me that he __ come back home soon.
H) She __ wear long hair when she was a schoolgirl.
D) The day was very busy for me. I feel __.
9. Choose the correct word:
A) I don’t mind __ you with the housework.
C) He must __ a new car last month. I saw him drive in a new car last week.
D) It is pouring with rain and I left my umbrella at home. I wish I __ my umbrella now.
E) – Have you seen the latest Spielberg film? – No, but it __ is very good.
F) It took him a long time to get __ after the operation.
B) I would have taken up swimming if I __ more free time five years ago.
G) He __ for two hours before the doctor called out his name.
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